Braille Holiday Card Swap 2022

Remember to mail your three cards by December 1, 2022!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Card Swap!

The Details:

  • Add braille to a store bought or handmade card.
  • You will send 3 cards to the members of your group.
  • Send only kid-friendly and non-religious cards.
  • This is an international braille card swap.
  • Mail your cards by December 1.

Registration is now Closed.

Video Trailer for Our Card Swap

3 Ways to Add Braille to a Card (video)

1. Braille Label Maker

2. Slate and Stylus

3. Braillewriter (Braille Typewriter)

Get Your Supplies Together

Below are some supplies that I adore. These are Amazon Affiliate links.

Thank you for supporting Braille Adventures and UEB Study Group!

Braille Label Maker and Vinyl Tape:

Reizen RL-350 Braille Labeler

Reizen Clear Labeling Tape 1/2"

Aken Label Tape (red, yellow, blue, green & black) 3/8"

Slate and Stylus:

8.5" x 11" Blue Slate and Stylus (25 lines x 28 cells)

A4 Slate that Hangs in a 3-Ring Binder (27 lines x 30 cells)

Green Slate and Stylus (9 lines x 30 cells)


A new Perkins Brailler is $900.

Check eBay for a used Perkins. Approx. $300.


1. Aroga Braille Chart - free download

2. Free braille Alphabet Reference Sheet

(Scroll down if on mobile. On desktop, it's the yellow box at the top.)

The alphabet is written forwards and backwards, which is helpful if you're using a slate and stylus.

Registration is closed. Be sure to mail your three cards by December 1.

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