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If You're Learning Braille Transcription, You're in the Right Place!

Braille isn’t a language. Rather, it’s a different way to write the alphabet. Instead of using straight lines and curves to write the alphabet, braille uses a combination of six dots.

UEB stands for "Unified English Braille" and that is the agreed upon way to write braille in eight English-speaking countries.

In the USA there is only one school where you can study to become a Certified Braille Transcriber; it is a free correspondence course through the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). The Library of Congress contracts with NFB to run the braille course, so when you graduate, you’ll have a certificate from the Library of Congress! How cool is that?

Elizabeth Symington, brown hair cut in a bob and purple glasses

I'm the creator of the UEB Study Group, a worldwide study hub for fostering excellence in braille transcription. I'm a Certified Braille Transcriber and I graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in sculpture from the Academy of Art University, where I studied tactile, interactive art.

When I was going through the American UEB certification course, there wasn't an online study group. So I made this online study group, called UEB Study Group. (The majority of the members in this group are going through the American UEB certification course.)

Thanks to the support of the UEB Study Group, I scored 100% on the final project for the UEB certification course. Since graduating, I continue to develop and offer more services for students in the UEB Study Group, in order to help them reach their dreams.

I'm excited to get to know you, so that I can learn how I can support you.

Elizabeth Symington


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